This is Your Life

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If I had the opportunity to read a book containing all the events that happened in my life, I would read it only if I was able to change my decisions based on the information I learned. Otherwise, the idea of a book that contained a detailed and accurate account of why and how my life is going to turn out is too depressing.

A large part of the joy of life for me is the mystery of what’s going to happen next, and then processing that information into wisdom and better decision-making. Some of the worst things I’ve gone through, that I thought would kill me, have made me a better person and more aware of myself and others.

I generally behave with honorable intentions, but I’m human, so things tend to get garbled between translating my honorable intentions into honorable actions. Furthermore, not only do I have my own fallibility to contend with, there is also the fallibility and potentially negative motivations of others to be factored into the circumstances I allow myself to be in.

Life is complex, and I feel like having this level of foresight into my future wouldn’t be a good thing for me.


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