Clean Slate

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Looking around my bedroom with fresh eyes gave me a good glance into who I am at this juncture. There’s the crutches and folded up wheelchair I no longer require in one corner from when my femur broke. Next to that is a nightstand, with a drawer full of health supplements and my antidepressants, as well as body wipes from when I was severely lacking the mobility department.

On my bed, you’ll see a laptop, a kindle loaded with books on health, self-improvement, “great novels” laying next to two college textbooks, a vibrating cell phone, and a blissfully snoozing cat.

Directly next to the bed is a white plastic box full of books. Just looking at it and knowing myself, it looks like half are on recovery, with a focus on mindfulness, long-term sobriety maintenance, and female recovery. I also see a collection of Rumi’s poetry. Next to that is a black rolling suitcase that still hasn’t been completely emptied.

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