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Today’s prompt is the story of R. V. Dudley and Edwin Stephens; they and a few other sailors who survived a shipwreck, only to end up starving on a lifeboat. They selected a victim, a young man who was close to dying, and ate him in order to survive.

This is one of those situations that I’ve found best not to judge because I’ve never been in this type of desperate situation. You really don’t know how you would behave in a crisis until you’ve been there…But I will say that they did the least objectionable thing by picking someone who was ill and had no family to support.

Again, because I haven’t been in this situation, I can’t say. If I had to make a guess, I’d either offer myself for sacrifice (depending on who was there, but considering that I’m childless and not particularly productive as a human being and fraught with flaws, and I’d make a nice meal, probably), or eat the person sacrificed in order to survive.


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