Dearly departed

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Wow, write my own eulogy? The last few prompts have been morbid. There was this gravestone I saw once that said: “She did what she could”. I’d like something like that on mine…Alright, I’m going to write an obit instead, but here goes:

Joss Stick was born in the winter of 1988 and spent her childhood in the city of Green Bay. Her family moved to a small town when she was 13, and her life got a little weird after that. She had to readjust to new people and lived a bit too far away from everyone. As a result, she spent a bit too much time alone and inside her head, and she started herself on an almost fifteen-year journey of addiction. Despite the

Despite the potential, she displayed as a youth, she went through a lot of hard times in adulthood. However, she credited these events, Casa Clare, and some human angels as being the source of her ability to empathize and love. She only had a few close friends, no lover or children, but her life was filled with a fierce love.

She managed to pull herself together in the last year or so, and was grateful for the chance to work toward a better life.

In lieu of flowers, do something to help another person.

PS: She used to joke about how her ashes should be spread at the Appleton Bus Station. Please don’t actually do this, pick a lake or something a little more normal.

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