January’s Discoveries: Health Studies, Self-Care, and Art

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Read Long and Prosper: Book readers live longer lives than non-readers

The Mind/Body Connection A good diet can help treat depression.

CBD Oil Helped this Woman Treat Her Lupus: Here’s how it can help you.


“Everything is Awful and I’m Not Okay: Questions to Ask Before Giving Up”: A self-care checklist for when you’re down.

“Do Yoga with Me”: Free online videos for yogis of all skill levels.

A Beginner’s Guide to Exercise: Volume One. Here’s a basic introduction to exercise terms and weight loss data.


 “‘Cause I’ve been to the bottom of fear and self-loathing
And in all of that darkness, love came along
Though I still know my way down to that basement
I leave it behind when I hear these songs
I leave it behind when I hear these songs

Against the armies of darkness, I’ll ride out to meet them
Against the haters and halfbaked, I’ll win them with song
Careerists in power, I’ll sweep out the ashes
If this world is it, I’ll make it my home
If this world is it, I will make it my home”

“Just Like a River”, Old Man Luedecke



I give you back your heart.
I give you permission—

for the fuse inside her, throbbing
angrily in the dirt, for the bitch in her
and the burying of her wound—
for the burying of her small red wound alive—

“For My Lover, Returning to His Wife” – Anne Sexton



“The Yellow Cow” – Franz Marc

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