Think global, act local

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Anything you do has an effect on those who love you and to a smaller extent, the planet as a whole. It’s best to try to lead a quiet life and avoid doing anything in excess or behaving in ways which you know cause harm to others…It’s easy to say, but I’m trying to live that way and it’s difficult!

As an “average” American I have a poor diet, and unsurprisingly, my health isn’t fantastic. I’m working on turning that around, though, and getting more fruit and vegetables, I’m drinking more water, exercising (working on getting that to be an everyday thing, leg/knee pain be darned) and well, I’m nagging myself to start meditating again, which is counterproductive.

I think a lot of us don’t realize how our actions affect other people. When I lived self-destructively, I didn’t understand how much it hurt the people around me. Hell, I didn’t realize how bad it hurt until I got my life (sort of) together and the shoe was on the other foot with that one…

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