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The continent of Europe is so wide, mein herr.
Not only up and down, but side to side, mein herr.
I couldn’t ever cross it if I tried, mein herr.
But I do what I can
inch by inch
step by step
mile by mile
man by man

Where do I start with this amazing movie? It’s set in prewar Germany during the height of the arts- for real, there was so much interesting stuff being produced in terms of paintings, writing, and music- but there was intense political dissension, the film shows the slow, insidious slide toward fascism…

You see the excesses of Berlin in the film, but you also get to know the people involved and care for them. You get involved in a story about a woman in love with a gay/bisexual man, and understand her motivations for having an abortion- and all of this is handled with a degree of grace and delicacy that’s missing in our modern day culture (oh god, here we go).

Also, guess who’s in it? Joel Grey, an absolute Broadway treasure, Liza Minelli at the height of perfection, Lotte Lenya (queen of Kurt Weill/the Threepenny Opera) and oh my god, just watch this thing, okay?

PS: It’s based on a collection of stories by Christopher Isherwood called, surprisingly, “The Berlin Stories”. Check ’em out.

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