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INTERACTIVE: I’ll write a story and you get to finish it! 😀

There was a woman about thirty who had lived her life like it was a passing fancy. She bounced from place to place, person to person, only keeping one or two close friends. One day, she felt the weight of a meaningless life bear down on her – the years had begun to pass, and she wanted her life to have a positive influence on the people around her. Maybe she even went so far as to be remembered positively after she died.

It took her a long time to straighten out. First, she had to learn how to live for herself rather than putting a person or chemical ahead of herself. She had to be taught and retaught several times that no one or no thing could care for her as she could for herself.

She learned this, but as soon as she did, she wanted to help others escape the hell she had known so well. However, after several tries, she realized that she couldn’t help someone who wasn’t willing, and insisting on it only brought her back to her own hell.

Despite all the time she spent fighting with herself, it turned out that she….

finish the paragraph/sentence!


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