Right to health

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(Sidenote: I am watching “Hungry for Change”, a movie about how the food and diet industries are slowly killing us…I’m also eating cake. That’s what they call a cry for help, isn’t it?)

Today’s prompt: Should healthcare be privatized or handled by the government? Personally, I believe the answer is both. There should be decent, reliable healthcare for all citizens in modern countries. It helps everyone and reduces suffering.

I guess in “Joss’s dream world” we’d all have healthy plant-based diets, healthcare would be free, we’d all get a guaranteed basic income and free education”, but APPARENTLY THE WORLD DOES NOT WORK ACCORDING TO MY WHIMS.

I am a supporter of the Affordable Care Act, so the Trump administration’s promise and current work on dismantling it is an irritant. ACA didn’t increase the government cost of healthcare that much, much less than I thought.


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