Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

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Proper self-care has never been my strong suit. I’m nearly 30, and I’m still learning how to properly take care of my mind, body, and spirit. My old answer to everything was using addictive behavior. Ate too much? THROW IT UP. Negative emotions? FIND DRUGS AND/OR ALCOHOL. Lonely? JUST SLEEP WITH THAT GUY!!! Want to stop focusing on your own faults? BECOME THE FEMALE CAPTAIN-SAVE-A-HO!

How I managed to survive myself is an unanswerable question.

I’m at the point with my leg where I can start exercising a bit, and also am trying to find a meditative practice that I like. One of my lifelong problems has been good intentions with poor follow through, so I’m deadlining myself and constructing a schedule. I do have schoolwork and studying on a daily basis, but that’s it for my major responsibilities right now. Boredom has always been my enemy, so getting off my butt and actually doing these things could quite literally save my life.

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