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When someone tells me they’re proud of me, it means a lot. I behaved badly for a long time because I had no self-worth and a substance abuse problem. Honestly? I should have felony charges against me, was promiscuous, and am lucky to be alive. Every moment I draw breath is a blessing.

Sometimes I stray from this belief. There’s a saying that you are a combination of the five people you talk to the most. Recently, my small circle swayed toward people from my past. I gave into nostalgia with three different individuals, and strangely enough, things worked out differently with each than I expected.

My best friend told me she was proud of me today for my decision to retreat from all of them a bit – I feel like I’ve gotten all the good I could have out of extensive contact with these people. I also got the unexpected blessing of emotional closure and can live with less conflict about my past.

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