Today’s News: I’m Not Dying

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Good news: In the last three months, I (mostly unintentionally) lost 30 lbs without abusing myself.

Bad news: 30 lbs is a drop in the ocean of the excessive amount of me. (Not really)

I gained a lot of weight after I got sober a year ago. Considering my weight has been a trigger for a few different varieties of insane behavior in the past, it was best to just put the whole issue on the back burner for a while. Instead, I focused on sobriety and stability was my main concern, and I was successful.

I feel like I did the right thing. However, there is a few consequences: I’m now the size of a small horse, my blood pressure went up(my blood pressure is still in the normal range, though).

I’ve already set a goal to lose a good chunk of weight this year but discussing weight loss with a doctor and other people makes me more accountable. My anxiety about my health is much better now, and my health isn’t THAT bad, considering everything I’ve done to myself.

I need to see if my insurance will cover a bone density scan. My doctor recommended it, but a lot insurances only cover them in certain instances, and I might not have insurance coverage.

7 thoughts on “Today’s News: I’m Not Dying

  1. Very funny. ; )
    I have had to give up sugar and most carbs to start inching the scale downward. I did NOT however make this a priority early on. It’s only nearing the one year mark that I feel I can give up the comfort of brownies with ice cream, chocolate truffles, birthday cake, French toast …
    I need to stop fantasizing about sweets. Apparently, it is intricately connected with the urge for ethanol.
    Thanks for the post!

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      • I had a chocolate brownie truffle addiction. I drove to the same restaurant/bakery every day for almost a year, begging for more. They know what I’m there for — they start wrapping them up when they see me lurking in the parking lot. Also, I would make a scene when they were out of stock.
        Now you see the scope of this addiction. ; )

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