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“Hunger is the best spice.”

The most satisfying meal I’ve had is also the saddest meal and one of the saddest stories from my repertoire, but I was up for ten days on meth and after three days of crashing – at which point, I think I stopped eating and went into a deep, deep sleep and what I will refer to as a “psychotic depression” – I arose from my tomb and ate a pop tart.

However, to get to the sweet, carbohydrate-y deliciousness of the pop tart, I had to overcome the challenge of the metallic wrapper. Under most circumstances, the wrapper of a pop tart is annoying. However, if your brain has been through the wringer, and all of your everything is thrown off, you will go into some weird murderous rage after.3 seconds of struggling with the wrapper.

So there I was, at what I think was 3am, in the kitchen of a respite center, trying to tear a pop tart wrapper open and also angrier at that wrapper than I’ve ever been at anyone or anything in my life, praying that no one stray across my path and meet my wrath.

I got the pop tart open and feasted upon the cold, delicious fruits of my labor.


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