Women’s Beginners’ Workouts: The Beginning of the Great Health Adventure

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Are you a woman that’s just starting to work out? Is your price range somewhere around “free fifty”, so you’re not about to go in on a bunch of equipment and/or videos? GREAT, WE’RE IN THE SAME BOAT. Here’s what I learned from looking around on the internet:

  • Youtube has a lot of great, free videos on yoga, tai chi, and aerobics – if you’re willing to dig, you can find some real treasures. I might post up some of the better ones I find at a later date when I go through more of them. POPSUGAR Fitness is a great place to start, though.
  • There are free workout routines out there.
  • I am in the market for an accountability buddy. Get a hold of me if you want.

I’m focusing on calisthenics/body weight exercises. You can do them anywhere, you need little equipment, and it doesn’t involve a whole lot of jumping or things that hurt your joints. (I’m recovering from a broken leg, I am not doing a whole bunch of jumping jacks, thank you very much. Also, I am incapable of a decent squat at this point of my life, at least without crying, swearing, and falling)

Here are links to four good routines:

  • Women’s Health Mag’s Routine. A simple, easy routine.
  • GymJunkie’s Routine: It requires no accessories and looks intense, but doable if you have full use of both your legs. *gives left leg the stinkeye*
  • Popsugar’s routine. A forty minute workout that’s too intense for me at the moment, because I can’t put my full weight on my leg, and I’m out of shape. It looks solid, though so it might be your thing/my thing in the future.
  • Fitwirr’s routine: It’s basic, and I will do a modified version of it on Sunday.

Here’s a list of modifications for those of us with bad knees or whatnot.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Beginners’ Workouts: The Beginning of the Great Health Adventure

  1. Impressive list. I am not in a position to do much exercise either — I am mostly walking to get out of this winter hibernation mode. I admire people who can follow these online programs. I have to drag myself to the Y and have someone force me to do it. But first, someone has to force me to the Y.
    Good luck!

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