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For most of my life, I’m the person who has pursued the two birds in the bush. I’m learning to take the dependable option more. This is pretty complicated because it involves changing the way and involved pruning many people out of my world. Also, it’s difficult because I want to be out there having fun with the other kids! Oh wait, I’m almost 30. Haha, I will become a responsible adult if kills me. >.<

My life is not what I foresaw myself doing at 29, and not what my family foresaw or hoped for, but I’m doing what I can, and that’s what matters. This is part of an ongoing, two-year process with the occasional tendency to stray back to old behavior, but I always bounce back.

It’s not a thing I could do myself – I’ve had a lot of help from people from the program, counselors, the concern of people in the same boat as me, and just general love from the world I intend to pay back when I can.

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