Happily ever after

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I don’t believe there’s any such thing as “Happily Ever After”. “Happily Ever After” implies you’ll never face another challenge and your journey – at least the meaningful part of it, is over. All there is in life is the process of getting to the next goal, and the next goal after. If you’re not moving toward something, you’re decaying.

I’m not in my “happily ever after” period, if there will be one in my life. My life is so much better than it used to be, but that’s because I worked on myself and improved myself from who I was. I needed to learn that chasing things outside myself – drugs, dick, what have you – would only take away from who I am, not add to it. The more possessions and responsibility in your life,  the more you feel you need in your life… all of produces more stress. Par down to the essentials, what’s necessary, and put your all into it.

I get so distracted when I’m in a relationship – whoever I’m dating becomes my focus… I can’t do it right now.What’s necessary for me to do is take care of myself, work on my education so I can get a decent job, and keep the few good friends I have. Everything else detracts from what I’m trying to do.

I forbid myself from boys and drugs.

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