Comedy of errors

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There’s only one occasion I can think of where everything went wrong that could go wrong. An ex and I moved to a new city. The first thing that went wrong was that I ended up being $200 short of what I thought I would have, but we soldiered on. I took a bus there – he was already in the city, and the bus ride was a long, but uneventful trip.

He met me at the bus station, and we would get a room in one of those cheap hotels, but there was some kind of issue with the desk clerk after we got the room- I think she wanted to upcharge us because there were two of us in the room, but I’m not sure. Words were exchanged, and we couldn’t stay there anymore.

We managed to go to a fast food restaurant with no major crises cropping up, though. I can’t remember what we did after, but we ended up deciding on staying in a hotel in another town until we came up with alternate plans. We got a room there and decided the first order of business was to get messed up and stay messed up, this does not mix well with making plans. We stayed there for a few days, had a couple people over, and eventually with a friend of his.

It didn’t work out that well – we were staying in an attic, we weren’t getting along that well, I didn’t know the couple we were staying with, or agree with them on anything – they had a rebel flag and supported Trump, and I was up in their attic, laying on an air mattress and reading “The Last Speeches of Malcolm X”…

It was a nightmare, to be honest, but it got me to pull my head out of my ass again and get back into recovery.

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