Machine Override

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So the maddening drug cravings vanished without a trace. All thanks are to the universe.

It’s been a while since I’ve done early sobriety, I forgot that my cravings get intense and disappear. I applied acute “retail therapy” to the issue – I’m reading a 550+ page collection of works by William S. Burroughs with additional biographical notes by other authors. It’s informative.

He lived a crazy life…  For a while, He lived out in Mexico, as a heroin-addicted marijuana farmer with his wife, Joan, who spent her time raking lizards out of trees and doing tasks that only make sense when you have a significant amount of amphetamine in your system. They had two children who witnessed all of this…

I guess I can’t make fun of Joan Vollmer too much, as a fire hydrant was my arch-nemesis once, thanks to methamphetamine.

Oh, let’s not even mention what a pain coming down from that is.

What is wrong with me?

4 thoughts on “Machine Override

  1. I hope your words and works help others keep off them. God bless and keep you, may His countenance shine upon you and may you have a fantastic life.

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