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I’m reading a collection of William S. Burroughs work… I understand the appeal of his vision and dark humor – teenage me had GREAT taste, but my judgment was/is terrible. WSB’s attitude toward drug use, in a nutshell, is: “Yeah, it’s interesting, until you have to associate with people with no morals, end up doing terrible things, and ALSO WITHDRAWAL IS TERRIBLE, DON’T DO IT.” I must have assumed life would always be terrible. Also, I’d always be an outsider, so why not be a high one in a trench coat observing the world going to hell while maintaining a semblance of class?

I am best described as a woman who once stuck her finger in a light socket out of pure curiosity (I was five, so um… does that make it better or worse?).

Also, I need to take over two classes next semester, I am going insane with boredom…

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