A Modern Grammar Checking Miracle

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I found a free online grammar checker at Prowritingaid.com. I am now horrified by my pathetic attempts at communicating. If speaking well is important to you, check this tool out. I’m going to be busy editing my posts for quite some time now.

5 thoughts on “A Modern Grammar Checking Miracle

  1. I use Grammarly mostly for punctuation and spelling. I sometimes like the improper to convey a feeling or style influence. I’ve seemed to interpret your message the way you’ve written what I’ve read, easily. But how am I to know. Many miss and integrate what’s going on inside anyway.

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    • Improper English definitely has its advantages in conveying emotions.

      Thanks! A lot of my problems are small issues, but there sure are a ton of errors. Most of my improper speech is just how I’m used to communicating now.
      I’m getting back into academic writing, so proper English is a goal of mine. I’m shocked by how much I’ve slipped over the years.

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