“How to Survive A Plague”

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The question is what does a decent society do with people who hurt themselves because they are human, who smoke too much, who eat too much, who drive carelessly, who don’t have safe sex? I think the answer is that a decent society does not let people out to pasture and allow them to die because they’ve done a human thing.

-Bob Rafsky, “How to Survive a Plague”

What would you do if everyone you knew was dying in the prime of their lives – and the government refused to help? This is the story of strong and courageous survivors of the early AID’s epidemic. They survived being dehumanized, disrespected, and threatened, while finding the courage to help the sick and dying. Here everyday people work together to remove old ideas and social norms that just do not work. They raised public consciousness and showed tenacity and bravery.

Would you feel helpless or would you risk everything to fight?

 ACT UP, one of the first gay rights groups, fought and forced the F.D.A. to release other drugs besides the expensive and sometimes deadly AZT. The government then accused ACT UP of incendiary action, harassed and arrested.

This movie serves as both a history of what happened and as an inspiration to further fight for justice in society. It’s so easy to be a “facebook warrior” or become disengaged. *coughs, gives herself the stinkeye*

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