No, thanks

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I’m not sure if there’s a place I wouldn’t like to visit under any circumstances, but I regret being in New Hampshire during the height of summer and winter. My first visit to New Hampshire was during the hottest and most humid summer on record. I have a few pictures from visiting, and no one may see them because I’m bright red and my hair is fluffy…I pretend like I’m the least vain person ever, and then I hide unflattering photographs from the world.

New Hampshire’s level of snow during the winter is equal with Wisconsin, but wins at having a lot of SCARY, STEEP HILLS THAT WANT YOUR BLOOD. I’m too high-strung for that.

5 thoughts on “No, thanks

    • Canada sounds like such a lovely place – if I get my life straightened out, I’d love to move there. Where did you live? The BC sounds beautiful from what I’ve heard…


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