Meta – Anxiety: How to Achieve it

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  • World Politics
  • Entropy
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Trump Having Access to Nuclear Weapons
  • Things I’ll Never Understand
  • Things I Understand, All of Them Terrible
  • This One Person Who’s Either in Love with Me or Trying to Drive Me Insane, Currently Unsure of Which; Probably Will Always Be
  • The Sheer Amount of Books on My Reading List
  • How I’m Going to Pay for College
  • The Slim Statistical Chance of Remaining Sober
  • If I Can Achieve My Goal Weight Without Reactivating My Eating Disorder
  • Mortality
  • My Parent’s Mortality
  • My Cat’s Mortality
  • My Friend’s Mortality and The Actions They Take Which Increase The Odds of An Early Death
  • The Odds of My Early Death
  • The Odds that I’ll Live a Long Time, But Will Get Alzheimer’s in My Forties
  • Human Frailty
  • The Amount of Time I Waste
  • What I Could Have Achieved If I Didn’t Waste so Much Time
  • The Amount of Time I Waste on Anxiety
  • Is Anxiety is Crippling Me?

Day Two of Everyday Inspiration

3 thoughts on “Meta – Anxiety: How to Achieve it

  1. The last four should answer all, so dump it all – do what the present needs you to do. Brush/comb/dress – go. or Brush/comb/dress – sit and read. or Brush/comb/dress – cook and eat. etc. Have a happy day living in the present.

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