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Three years and three or four moves later, I still have my coin and stone from rehab. Upon release, each woman at Casa Clare got a commemorative coin and a small stone with a word relevant to them. Mine said “Hope” because hope was what I lacked when I entered rehab, and lack of hope sets off relapses for me. Hope that things will get better is a vital part of recovery and maintaining sanity. There are many dark moments in my life, but the darkest ones began with a loss a hope for the future.

What is recovery but the ultimate act of faith? Recovery begins with when you stop fighting against everything and put your future in the hands of divinity. Instead of acting on your own self-will, you can take your rightful place following the flow of the universe. Recovery is like a raindrop rejoining the ocean – something as small and insignificant as a raindrop can part of a larger whole.
Addiction is an attempt to shut off the higher brain and self to deaden the pain felt by an individual. Drug use numbs the pain, but the brain no longer focuses on creating constructive solutions and instead focuses on maintaining a passing feeling. Addiction was an attempt, for me, to stop feeling so isolated, useless and unlovable – it’s only through connecting with others and being of service do I thrive.
Everyday Inspiration – Day Three : One Word Inspiration

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