Who Are You Really?

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Whoever you choose to be, says Jean-Paul Sartre, and the roles you play in life are only part of who you are.

You are an ever-changing thing, a combination of past, present, and future. You are an ever-changing river coursing its way through the world.

This is the end of my identity crisis. I choose to be a good person – a good friend, employee, student, and my passion is writing...no matter if it brings me money or not.

I no longer define myself by my past deeds, or the people in or out of my life.

</this is the end of a 10+ year long identity crisis.>

2 thoughts on “Who Are You Really?

  1. It’s nice when the ego falls away long enough for you to catch a breath. You are completely amazing, Joss, and nothing could possibly ever change that.


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