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I don’t understand the purpose of telling your children Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy exist. Eventually, you need to tell them the truth or they find out by themselves and lose faith in you. You’re setting yourself up to lose with making up things that don’t exist.

I figured out Santa didn’t exist in kindergarten when I woke up to my mom complaining about having to wrap gifts and how much they cost.. which is the same time my belief in the other magical creatures went. I spent so much time trying to figure out how these things could be possible, and I wasted my time and energy and made me angry at my parents for lying. But, if you think about it differently, they had been doing something nice for me for years…

If I have kids, I probably won’t raise them with Santa, unless I have a major change of mind or if my mate loves the concept and can explain…

I’m not aggressive or angry, I don’t understand the purpose.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. I believed in Santa, then I discovered, as you did that parents were behind it. I now love the whole fantasy of it. I believe! I wonder if there is a way to frame it as an imagination exercise of sorts and play along without the deception. Our imagination is a powerful and creative part of our lives here in this realm.

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