For Those Struggling With Thoughts of Suicide and Death

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This is a long but insightful, thoughtful, and personal piece on finding purpose in life and fighting depression and suicidality, written by a doctoral candidate. If these issues have touched you in any way, I encourage you to read it. Actually…if you’re a human that interacts with humans, I recommend that you read this. :p

Damon Ashworth Psychology


Homo sapiens, or humans, as far as I know, are the only species in the animal kingdom that are aware that one day they are going to die.

The first time I heard this it fascinated me, and made me wonder if life would be easier not being aware of the fact that one day we cease to exist.

Imagine it. Life is going well. Then suddenly it is no more. No worry about what the future holds. We are born. We experience life. Then suddenly we are no longer there. No fear. Just nothingness.

Being aware that we are going to die shapes and influences our lives much more than we would like to admit. A lot of our anxieties and phobias at their core are a fear of some type of loss or death.

Irvin Yalom says that whilst the actuality of death is the end of us…

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