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If I could choose any author to write my life story, I would choose William S. Burroughs. He knew the twisted psyche of an addict better than most. He understood the dark world I existed in, and would write from a place of understanding.

Second, his talent was painting with words – he used the cut-up technique, so sometimes his words didn’t make literal sense, but created an expressive world of sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

Third, his bitter, biting humor. A lot in my life is funny, but you need a dark and somewhat twisted sense of humor to understand. I went into most of my romances hoping we would build each other up, or wanting to save the other person… it goes in the opposite direction.

2 thoughts on “Ghostwriter

  1. I loved his drinking memoir. Of all things, the part I remember most often is that awful scene from rehab: the ceremonial passing of the ratty plush animals named Monkey Wonkey and Blue Blue Kitten. It was hilarious!

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