Six Rules about Men

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  1. If your first impression is “stay away”, stay away.
  2. If your best friend hates him, stay away.
  3. If he uses drugs, stay away. (Coming from a former drug addict – not marijuana – use your own discretion there – but we’re mostly self-centered nightmares when we’re using)
  4. If he has an complicated relationship with his mother and/or his exes are “crazy”, stay away.
  5. If you feel overburdened or manipulated, stay away.
  6. If it’s your first year of sobriety, stay away.

BFF’s additions:

1.If he tells your poop stories behind your back, stay away

2. If he makes you toss his pee bottles, stay away.

3. If he’s over 30 and has no place to stay, stay away.

4. If has more of these than you do:

  • If he has more pairs of shoes.
  • If he has more hair styling products.
  • selfies


Yes, I have dated/sexed up/at least befriended men who have accomplished ALL items on this list simultaneously. Hell, I’ve even tossed a male ex-friend’s bottles…car life, y0.

Take-aways from years of experience and discussions with female friends. Anybody have anything to add?

8 thoughts on “Six Rules about Men

  1. This is great! I think I might have to add a “six rules about women” post to my blog, probably the same thing minus the bottles….. Speaking of lol really? I hope that was a rarity and not a normal occurrence. As far as what I would add, a job would be nice, or at least goals… Yea, let’s start with women dating a man with goals. I need to show this to my sister, I didn’t even think to warn her about the poop stories.

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    • I would absolutely love if you did both/either! We all need help dating, and as long as #6 on your list isn’t “If she’s thrown away a bottle of a man’s urine, don’t ask, stay away.”
      I got into the rhythm of ending with “stay away” on the list- but a job and some kind of ambition is a necessity now for me.
      Lol, well, the pee bottle thing happened to with two different guys, multiple times. I was homeless for a while, and the first time was when I was living out of a car with a male (ex) friend, and we were generally pretty baked… He didn’t want to go into a store to pee, and was too shy to just “go” in front of me, so I had to physically turn around in the car seat while he went, and dispose of the urine afterward…
      The second time was still during the homeless period, but I was in a women’s shelter and hiding my boyfriend during a cold spell. I guess I could add “If he’s been kicked out of every homeless shelter in town, stay away” – but…most women don’t need to be told that, lol.

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  2. Before I even read this. I’m thinkin’, oh boy this should be good! BTW I’ll pull over and whip it out on the side of the road before navigating peeing in a bottle while driving. My rule of thumb is, stay out of romantic relationships until you don’t want one. Then you’re ready when the right one comes along. Can’t say I’m there yet :-I

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    • lol, that sounds more normal…but I’m not a good guide to normality, so…
      😦 That does sound like a good rule of thumb, though – it’s more meaningful to want a special someone in your life, rather than needing someone/anyone to break the uncomfortable silence. Or someone who gives you a complicated project to lose yourself in…*coughs, gives self the stink eye*

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  3. I mus say that I cannot agree with the rule about “he is over 30 and has no place to stay”. If it’s because he is lazy and selfish…sure. But even my husband got into a situation in which he had no place to stay for a while and it was not his fault. Am I splitting hair? LOL. Hmmm…what’s wrong with the hair products? 😀

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    • It’s definitely if homelessness is a freak circumstance for a man – but if it’s a way of life, and said man can’t get the social or financial resources together…
      As for hair products, I think it’s meant as a (potential) symbol of narcissism – at least when combined with excessive selfies.


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