Show and tell

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I’m not sure who would grant me access to a room full of kindergarteners, but it happened, I’d give them a presentation on the power of self-love and the importance of your peer group.

Dear Kindergartners:

If you can only please one person a day, please yourself.

I wasted too much of my life hating myself and trying to make other people love me. That’s a sad way to live. Even if you win someone else’s love, and another’s love doesn’t fill the void inside.  Drugs, alcohol, sex, religion… nope. No luck, kids.

It’s also important to keep close friends that know how to run their business. You will not be in your best form if you’re running around worried if most of your social circle is warm, dry, currently sane, not blown up or shot or in jail, and able to go about their business freely. Stick with the winners.



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