Bone of contention

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One of today’s arguments is if addiction is a choice or disease. Labeling addiction is less important than treating it. Today’s prompt asks to you to argue for the opposite side as what you believe, so I will argue on the side of addiction being a choice

First, addiction is the act of taking a substance into your body so often that it acclimates to the substance’s presence. When without the substance, the body suffers. It is a state of dependence on a chemical caused by a person’s poor life choices. Addiction is not a disease, but a consistent pattern of behavior leading to various diseases.

Second, calling addiction a disease absolves the person of responsibility. If you call a person is “sick”, you feel sorry for them. In reality, addiction is foolish behavior. Even desperate addicts can control themselves enough to work. They could at any point gather enough reserve and self-will to break the cycle of addiction. When you call addiction a behavior and not a disease, you create the hope for change.

Any changes in the brain and body are not the result of illness, but the result of a persistent alteration of lifestyle and negative behavior.

2 thoughts on “Bone of contention

  1. Physicians, psychologists, and social workers all agree that addiction is an illness. Foolish behavior causes behavioral problems and patterns even the alteration of the mind. Let’s say that this sounds like a mental illness. Isn’t mental illness an illness? Plus, addiction completely enslaves your physical body. There is also a wealth of evidence that show genetics as one of the roots of addiction. If I chose to be an addict, I would be able to make a different choice as well. A lot of professionals use the case of diabetes to explain addiction as a disease. Diabetes might be a result of some unhealthy choices. Or not. And it is still an illness. Just my 2 cents 😀

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    • I agree with you – I have the genetics & upbringing components “going for” me. :p This was one of the prompts from “365 Days of Writing Prompts” that has you argue the opposite of your belief.

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