How do you fight your own frailties?

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Self is the lord of self, who else could be the lord? With self well subdued, a man finds a lord such as few can find.

He who formerly was reckless and afterwards became sober, brightens up this world, like the moon when freed from clouds
-The Dhammapuda

Aiming for asceticism, or at least friggin’ decency is difficult. I’ve narrowed down where I want to go with my diet, because now that exercise has become routine, I can step it up a little. I’ve also been doing a lot of spiritual reading and writing, but I’m being so human this morning I can’t stand myself..

My lower self is fully awake and demanding things which are better left undone, and it aches. The less I give into this discomfort, the better off we are all. I’m trying to still my mind, and focus, but there’s donuts. lol, that is NOT the entirety of my problem, but man, my lust for life is interfering with my spiritual center at the moment.

How do you fight your “base” urges?

11 thoughts on “How do you fight your own frailties?

  1. I don’t fight, I have a couple that, are on my mind, to be dealt with. I have to want to be rid of them. I have to ask for help. And even then if they don’t interfere with my being able to help, I might just have to live with them.

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  2. I don’t fight them either. I just try to push them aside long enough to be able to function. Some day….some day…I will put them to rest. 🙂

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  3. I don’t fight them. If I do it’s not for very long. I am a product of instant gratification and so that is what I crave, lol. I do however reward myself when I exhibit patience. Treat yourself like a dog, every good behavior deserves a reward. Focus on this and you won’t see your losses as punishment but instead victory. Instead of the obstacles ahead, try to focus on the rewards for your hard work and patience. Don’t rip the candy from your hands. Give yourself a reward for waiting ten or twenty minutes before reaching for it. Now if only I could more easily follow this advice! Love to you ❤

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    • lol, “Treat yourself like a dog” – that is good advice, though! 😀 You sound like a positive psychology course – build yourself up versus punishing yourself. ^_^


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