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It was a wise old queen—Bobo, we called her—who taught me that I had a duty to live and to bear my burden proudly for all to see, to conquer prejudice and ignorance and hate with knowledge and sincerity and love. Whenever you are threatened by a hostile presence, you emit a thick cloud of love like an octopus squirts out ink . . .

-“Queer”, William S. Burroughs

Six impossible things I believe in:

  • The essential goodness of humanity.
  • That one day I’ll be mostly organized in life.
  • Love. Pure love.
  • One day, humanity will be able to run itself without government.
  • We’ll be able to walk the line between self-interest and what is best for everyone in time…
  • “Crime is naught but misdirected energy” – Emma Goldman

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