a barrage of texts unsent

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I am not your higher power

Nor one that hears the cries of the world

and holds all to her merciful breast


And I wonder:

Which of us needs

To hear this more?


I can’t save you

We can only save ourselves

With the help of the divine


I can’t be the father

Who was always distant

I can’t be the mother


Who never dried your tears

You’re a child in a man’s clothes

And I’m a child in woman’s clothes


We’ve been playing pretend

For much too long.

It’s time to grow up now.


There is no physician’s formula

That will cure all our wounds

God knows we’ve tried them all


And we’ve been granted

The freedom to cure or kill



You are just as holy

As the untouched forest

You are as sacred as anything.


Save yourself.

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