Notes; Sugar Addiction; Menagerie

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Note: After a certain date “Playlist of the Week” will change into “Playlist of the Month.” It’s consistently the least popular feature on this blog, and a pain in my butt. It’ll be slightly longer in recompense. Redesigned the site a little bit, that’s in my “Site Guide” update for the most part – I wanted to work on developing my other attributes beyond the drug related portion of myself. I feel like I’m spending too much time thinking about “not doing drugs” to the point where it’s making me want to do drugs, just to mess with myself. You know, like if I told you not to think about polar bears right now, it’ll make you think of polar bears for no apparent reason.

Somewhere between relapsing, being stressed as all get-out for a while,  and getting hooked on sugar (ugh), my skin has decided to hate me. There’s my cheek has a disfiguring lump on it (the left side of my face looks like it’s got five lbs more fat on it than the right side, honestly) that I’ve managed to get to start leaking puss. It’s a pimple, but deep under the skin… I didn’t even have this issue as a teenager. Sorry, body. 😦 I’ve got this new sweet tooth that is killing my responsible eating plan. Man, you get rid of one problem, and a new one pops up…literally, in this case.



Many animals have been in my life. My first pet, a goldfish named Lucy,  committed suicide by jumping from the bowl. I wanted a cat or dog, but it appeared impossible. I got lucky – I developed a brain tumor, and my parents got us a dog out of pity.

With a humane society close by, we went to find a dog.  My dad and I fell in love with a dog with a bark that sounded like a guttural man’s voice saying “BOB! BOB! BOB!”. “Bob”, turned out to be suffering from kennel cough, and that was a false start. Soon a cocker spaniel named Sassy appeared. We changed her name to Sally, spayed her, and she was my new best friend. I spent hours training her and taught her how to shake, roll over, and jump through a hoop. I enjoyed putting clothes on her. She tolerated this.

After Sally died of old age, I didn’t have another pet until I turned 19. When I moved in with my girlfriend, and she had a tiny cat named Kehai. Kehai died from a spaying accident… I got a kitten named Tevye. He’s still my baby.

For a while, I owned a six-foot-long fish tank and kept cichlids. They’re fascinating fish, and I wish I still owned the tank, but I moved and couldn’t take the tank with me. I unsuccessfully kept mice – one killed the other.

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