Not your higher power, not even Mary Magdalene by a long shot

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Is a poem



a cry for help,

not sure which.



I can admit

I can’t save myself

without a problem.


But to admit

I am not a savior

kills me.


Watch me. I’ve taken bums off the street

to wash his feet with my hair, and

blow him

just to brighten his day.


Send him off with a hot meal,

some kind words about his character and

words about the cruelty of the world.


Sweet mother of mercy, what is this?

Why must I interfere with God’s will?

Why can I not let natural consequences teach others, as they taught me?


Enabler/Addict? Addict-Enabler?

Replacement addiction? How many

Times was I dropped as child,



4 thoughts on “Not your higher power, not even Mary Magdalene by a long shot

  1. Once too many- no it’s not unusual to engage this way. I’m guilty and it’s taken time to gain the sensitivity, honesty, and courage to love enough to let go

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    • 🙂 Thank you – I’ve been obstaining from this behavior for the um, past week, lol – and knew it was negative, but didn’t know what I was lacking. Thanks for giving me positive attributes to focus on.

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  2. And now you are learning to give those in need not those who will take from you in greed. Your generous, selflessness will bring satisfaction but don’t do it when you are not upto it, don’t take yourself for granted. 😘

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