Food; Benedict; INFJ

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My diet is completely bananas, peanut butter, carbohydrates and sugar. I’m disgusted and I hate myself and need to fix this NOW. It’s either Atkins or something ketogenic after this, because I’m killing myself. I’m this barely alive mess that exists to output writing and thoughts, I am not truly living a life right now.

But at least I had Benedict to hang out with this weekend. Who’s Benedict, you ask? Benedict is my facial pustule that’s about half an inch wide and half an inch long, and he’s throbbing. Benedict has been drained several times, doesn’t have a head, keeps refilling, and I’ve been exhausted since a little bit before he showed up. I’m going to have to make a doctor’s appt about this if Benedict’s still here in two days or grows. I’ve honestly never had a facial issue like this.

Googled it online, Benedict could be something harmless or MRSA. Two guys I dated have had MRSA (good god, the men in my life…), recently had contact with one… I don’t “really” think its MRSA, the pictures I saw online would have me at the Dr’s already…It is sore enough that I’ve been putting toothache gel on it since yesterday…

Oh wait, I’m going to be moving soon. Everything’s okay. Weight loss is happening, well, maybe not over the past few days, but I’m sure when Benedict leaves I’ll lose ten lbs…


I am an introvert; parties terrify me. New and different people’s energies overwhelm me, so you’ll  find me outside, or, if a friend dragged me there, I’m clinging to that person like a life raft.

I’m an INFJ in the Myers-Briggs personality system, which is based on Carl Jung’s work. Here is a test, tell me what you are!

What “INFJ” means is that I gain energy from solitude, rely on my intuition, use my feelings before my brain, and form value judgments over perceiving things just as they are.

INFJ’s are the rarest personality type, and although I experience life in a subjective way, I care deeply about justice; INFJ’S are called “the counselors”.


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