Bedtime stories

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My favorite childhood book is the story of “Ferdinand the Bull”. The book is a wonderful story about staying true to yourself and has beautiful illustrations.


Ferdinand grew up smelling flowers and sitting under a cork tree. As he grew up, he became the strongest and biggest bull in the pasture despite his peaceful nature. Bullfighters brought him into the ring because of his size. Instead of fighting, he sat and smelled the flowers worn by the women in the audience.  The bullfighters, defeated, brought him back to the pasture, and for all we know, he is still sitting happily under his cork tree.


This story affected me growing up – I have a tattoo of Ferdinand on my left wrist. He represents staying true to yourself.

What drove me to get the tattoo was the death of an ex-boyfriend…Ferdinand represents what I like about men, and my M.I.A. other half, if one exists.

Since I got the tattoo, I’m more focused on completing myself…but we can all dream. Somewhere, there’s a weird guy waiting just for me, right?

7 thoughts on “Bedtime stories

  1. When you find yourself complete by yourself, it won’t matter whether a ‘weird’ guy is waiting or a nerd. 😀 Have fun being You. You are fabulous! 💃

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