Move; First Drug Use Snippets

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Every time I relapse, I need an std test. I go whole hog on this stuff…

So, downside of moving: I’m moving to a city that’s dry on weed because everyone there is doing meth and heroin. GREAT, everybody’s strung out on drugs I like!

Upside: Terrified of using these drugs again, already in recovery, and realize I need to avoid dark haired men who use drugs, because this is the story of how I relapse on weird shit I’ve never tried before


“hey, they used this for therapy in the seventies! LET’S DO SOME SEXUAL HEALING!”

me: woo-hoo!” (2-Csomethingorother–not 2-CB, some dark net loving weird-kid thing)

“Hey, they’re researching using this as a chemical weapon. OH GOD. WHY IS THIS IN MY BODY. WHY DID I GIVE THIS TO YOU. EVERYTHING IS SHIT AND WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”

me: *psychotic laughter* (spice)


“Try this.” (molly, on the night that my ex and I just “HAPPENED” to get back together)


“I know that guy, and he’s the biggest douchebag I’ve ever met. Here. (meth relapse on needles, comment in response to a comment about my ex. Apparently, I have this one ex that all women love, and all men who know him well hate him.)


“I’m going to make you feel gooooooooood, babe”  (first heroin use)


“Hey, I’ve been doing this for a while, can’t seem to stay off it; you seriously want to try it?” (first meth use)


“I’m going to blow this in your mouth.” (weed, shotgun-style)


“Be careful with this shit.” (Adderol + Vicodin, High school)


“Wasn’t this on Beavis and Butthead?” (inhalants, middle school)


“Just take a sip” (alcohol, childhood)

3 thoughts on “Move; First Drug Use Snippets

  1. Nice, thanks for sharing, keep coming back-Mines is summed up in Happy New Year?
    you may have seen it as you are a faithful reader-Thanks for that too…no really!

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