“Sixty Days Ago, She was Such a Lovely Child…Now Here She is, with a Gun in Her Hand.”

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Reblog: Mind Map of Childhood Trauma

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Written by Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate (USA) Founder of: MakeItUltra™ I wanted to share with you a system that I use in my private practice. My mentor and supervisor Dr. Judy Rosenberg (PSY #PSY14817) developed this psycho-educational model for psychotherapy. The Mind Map™ is a very easy-to-use and powerful tool for illustrating how the wounds […]

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50 Shades of Sad Clown

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Here is a sad clown singing “It’s a Heartache”, because it’s been 50 shades of sad clown up in here lately:



Final depressing comments on own life: I came to the conclusion that despite how much I like kids, I don’t want children, and if you’ve read half the crap I’ve been posting lately, you can extrapolate the reasons yourself. IUD tiemz, guiez!

My new mantra in life is “Act as if you’re going to make it to 40.” I think I’m a little “statistically disabled” on the probability of that happening, but it’s also a good goal that doesn’t intimidate me too much.

I’m done spewing psychological cancer/compulsively examining my own life now. Maybe.