Meditation Occurence

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So, this is weird.

Before this, meditation has just calmed me down, helped me still my mental chattering, and maybe given rise to some deeper than normal thoughts. Nothing trippy.

I was doing a simple breath counting meditation, nothing remarkable happened for about half an hour. Just calm and centered like normal, blah blah blah.

Then I leaked a couple tears, followed by 20 minutes of heart-pounding.

Heart-pounding like Wendy in the “The Shining” when she’s locked in a bathroom and Jack is trying to break down the door with an ax.

I decided to go with it. Stayed calm for 10-15 minutes, before I wanted to stop and text somebody I know who’s had heart attacks if any of this seemed familiar, lol, but I just kept going back to counting my breath. The weird thing is that my body was terrified, but my mind stayed calm and just observed the whole experience for the most part.

No grand realizations occurred, and I keep leaking tears, although I feel calm and centered.

Googled it just now and maybe I released an old trauma? Interesting…:D

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