“Existentialism: A Very Short Introduction” by Thomas R. Flynn

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This book is 160 pages of dense information ready to blow your head off at the slightest provocation. I’m familiar with existentialism, and this book nearly killed me. Thomas R. Flynn is highly educated and intelligent, but seems unfamiliar with making concepts accessible to laymen. He does do a nice introduction to basic philosophy, but gets bogged down too much in the history of the movement and in-fights between contemporaries.

I wanted a broader introduction to the form of philosophy itself, but this book was invaluable in learning more about philosophy in general, improving my vocabulary – now instead of day-to-day, I can just say quitodian and alienate EVERYONE IN THE ROOM, ALL AT ONCE

I really wouldn’t reccommend this book unless you’re already somewhat knowledgable and interested in existentialism.

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