Jail Phone Calls

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My ex lives in a neighboring county, haven’t heard from him in three days, but for the past two days I have been getting a lot of phone calls from their county’s jail.

He’s the only person I know who lives in that county.


Did you know that a fifteen minute phone call to an inmate in Wisconsin costs about $25? I am not spending appromately $1.50 a minute to get asked to put money on someone’s account and get whined at about something that I can neither bear responsibility for or help. Actions have consequences, dude.

I’m enjoying my worry vacation. At least he’s eating and being looked after…


9 thoughts on “Jail Phone Calls

    • Thank you; I have to admit that I feel like a bitch for ignoring his calls, but the things go with us I’ll end up bailing him out or enabling in some way. I’m hoping that there’s A.A/N.A. in that jail and he gets curious, lol.

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  1. I have a boyfriend currently incarcerated in a WI county jail. We have been together for 2 years and this is the 4th jail stint I have stuck by him through. He has also been in jail in IA and IL. It is expensive and annoying to constantly shell out money for overpriced conversation and junk food. In the case of my boyfriend, there is little gratitude shown and the sweet jail talk ends the minute he sets foot on the pavement. I have drastically cut the amount of money I put on his books and answer 1 out of every 10 calls. He is 36 and figure this shit out – and I can help by not continuing to enable him.

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