We got this, okay?

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To the man who caught a felony in his 18th year and refuses to recover
To the man driving three hours to pick up just to feed his children
Who both have wondered aloud exactly how many men I know
Which gave me no option but to laugh in response

To the woman who worked third-shift front desk and helped me count my money
To the woman giving $15 blowjobs just to buy more more more and keep her man off her back
Who both smile when they see me but say nothing

To the drunk man on the corner who yells “Stay in recovery and stay away from him!” every time I pass
To the Viet Nam vet who started eating pussy at twelve and killed the man who raped his wife
Who both wondered how long I’d last at the halfway house before I fucked it up

To the woman who played me a mexican song about how God wants us to suceed on my first day of work, translated it, and hugged me
To the woman who cleans offices with me at night so her son can go to college
Who both tell me to stay in school

To the man who taught me to fold a bindle and operate a scale
To the man who gave me a criminal defense lawyer’s card and trained me how to talk to cops
Who both told me to call them when I got caught and say to nothing until they came

To all of us who wake up in astonishment each morning
To all of us waiting for the day we “get it” and move forward with our lives

We got this, okay?

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