A Few Forms of Meditation

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Are you interested in meditation but not super-knowledgable? Did you know you can meditate not only while sitting, but while walking or laying as well?

Here’s a few different forms appropriate to the beginner that have helped me, and guided examples between ten and fifteen minutes in duration:

Body Scan

This is the first form I was introduced to – first in rehab, and then by way of Israel Regardie’s book on spiritual awakening. It really helps you become more aware of your body, how you hold yourself, and gives you “something to do” while meditating, which is non-judgementally observing your body and mind. It’s a great first form of meditation.

Here’s a 10 minute guided form.


Another nice first meditation, you are guided on a journey to peace while using your imagination. This example also uses affirmations.

Safe Place: A Guided Meditation.

Counting Breath

This trains you to focus a little more than body scan does (in my opinion), and re-teaches you to breathe fully and slowly.

Guided Meditation by “Stop, Breathe, and Think” here


A gatha is a poem that gives you something to think about while controlling your breath.

Here’s a simple 12 minute gatha form.



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