4 ways at looking at doctor appts

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Intimacy with

a knowledgable stranger

who will answer you


Inquiries begin

Into long-lasting issues


Treatment to follow


Dual partnership

To repair acquired damage

Over time with patience


When honesty meets

lack of judgement, beautiful

healing will begin


Today I’m seeing my psych and having a tooth filled. I can’t write about trauma every day of my life, lol. My relationship with my doctors are generally good, they appreciate my honesty and cooperation, and I appreciate their knowledge and lack of judgement.

Also their patience with the list of things wrong with me, as a former red flagged drug addict with mental health issues, I admit to a certain anxiety when meeting a new physician. When I’m nervous, I babble, so generally one of the first five things I say is “I’m in recovery! AHHHHH!” to a doctor, even if he/she’s a gynocologist and it probably isn’t relevent.

I remember when I broke my leg the e.r. doc told me he normally wouldn’t give me anything, and I told him I normally wouldn’t ask for anything, but my leg was all bendy and asked if a medical coma was an option.

Bless you, fentanyl and morphine.

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