The Tail End of 2016 in Pictures

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  1. The Budwieser plant in Manitowoc
  2. Julie’s dog, Snoop, my walker, the tire of my wheelchair(came there after getting out of the hospital)
  3. Window at Saint Elizabeth’s hospital
  4. (under 2) picture from hospital bed
  5. A shot of the sun behind the Oxford House in Appleton (Where I was before my leg broke, no longer exists because of financial reasons…well, the house does, but you know what I mean.)
  6. A street between the Oxford House and the Genesis Club, a recovery club that I volunteered at. I did a few different shifts there, but this looks like it’s from one of my Monday morning treks.


Tevye’s personality vs Snoop’s personality:

2 thoughts on “The Tail End of 2016 in Pictures

    • Snoop’s really fun when people are over and he can’t decide who deserves his love the most at the moment.
      On the other hand, Tevye sulks under the bed to stare into space, which is only interrupted by him occasionally shoot daggers at me with his eyes. 🙂

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