“End the Drug War”

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“I’ll tell you what I reckon, Charlie. I’m thinking this is a health problem, not a crime problem…they’re all buckled up and emaciated…You know, the attitude of a criminal, there’s some kind of power in that, right? If you’re the sort of person that’s making dollar from your criminality. But, that…those people are just victims.”

-Russell Brand, “End the Drug War”

“End the Drug War” discusses the drug war in the United Kingdom, which persecutes and penalizes drug use.  It challenges the theory that addicts are addicts for life, and harm reduction techniques.  Methadone may reduce harm, but keeps the addict sick and weak. according to Russell Brand, a believer in abstinence-based recovery.

The narrator of the film, Russell Brand, is a former heroin addict. This allows light-heartedness, and keeps the tone from being condescending. Russel shares his belief that use is due to unprocessed psychic pain. By condemning users, they go deeper into a shame spiral.  If we desire to improve our society, we need to educate and uplift addicts.

Russell explores options for drug addiction treatment. For example, drugs are illegal in Switzerland; but there are clean, legal centers for drug use. Hepatitis C has been lowered in needle users by 38% in only ten years.He also talks to a woman who runs a center for  children. Addicts raise some of these children, exposing the children to stress and instability. Criminalization of drug use increases the chance they will enter foster care. These factors make it more likely they will grow up to be addicts. If you’re curious to learn more on current issues or experience addiction – first or second-hand in your life- watch this movie on the epidemic of our time.

5 thoughts on ““End the Drug War”

  1. I wrote a position paper in a writing class on the legalization of all drugs. main points were. a reduced stigma of addiction, better dope is easier to get off of because you’re using less. and making more money available from interdiction into treatment and education.
    other points making it difficult. the drug war is BIG Business. There is an opportunity for money to be made illicitly by government selling narcotics among other things I can remember. I wish I could find it

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    • Thank you. It’s something I’m trying to learn more about. If you find it, I’d love to read it. I remember people talking about Reagan-era being involved in cocaine dealing, and the movie 13 deals with how much money is made off of putting people in jail/prison, especially for drug offenses. Ignorance and corruption seem to be major problems today.

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  2. I once saw a very interesting Frontline about the so called ‘War On Drugs’ which presented the history of drugs and drug laws in the U.S. This documentary confirmed my suspicions that the War on Drugs is actually a War FOR Drugs — reason being that they profit greatly from jails, incarceration and illegality that permits money making on the Black Market. Anyone in the US who thinks the government has not profited from the War on Drugs is naive. I also believe the government has a goal to create more heroin addicts through the prescription drug pushing they do. (Yes, a goal and yes MORE!) I very much agree with Russel Brand. Glad to see his is still fighting the good fight 🙂


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