Friday Night Gratitude list

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  • meetings
  • nice weather
  • my big scary book hoard. no mas books for me until I finish these…okay, no new books for the calendar year, anyway.
  • Managed to share at a meeting today without freaking out and someone thanked me for my share.
  • my “real” classes are done for the week, but I still have a ton to do on Coursera. I slacked off this week, so I’ve pretty much been alternating online meetings and coursework all day.
  • The fact that I could sit on my ass and do this all day.
  • having my new glasses – I can see!
  • Feeling super domesticated. Don’t want to use, run, or do anything stupid.
  • Still no anxiety, and the depression is decreasing. I think mindfulness made me more aware of my feelings and thinking, which was hell at first, but I’m getting better at observing without getting involved, and then guiding my brain back to happy or neutral thoughts rather than going into a rumination death cycle.
  • Dr. Shalini, my dentist. She’s fixing the havoc that homelessness and drug use reaked on my teeth, and she’s an absolute gem about it.
  • I am not a homeless drug user anymore
  • having plans for the future
  • new friends. New, sober, female friends. Admittedly these friendships are still in the nascent stages, but it’s super super exciting. I seriously thought that me and other women were like, too different to successfully “friend”.
  • I have a couple leads for a sponsor. The one I was talking to can’t sponsor me, but she’s an awesome friend anyway.
  • My phone contacts list can no longer be called “Julie and the Polysubstance Abusing Sausage Party”. It is actually a hen party now. A small one, but …our little Joss is growing up *tears up*
  • Also exciting: These women, as far as I know, stay out of trouble and haven’t asked me to rescue them from themselves once. They are totally rescuing me from me, though, which is pretty damn necessary at this point.
  • I have someone to read the Big Book with! AHHHHHH.

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