Week 5 Sobriety: I Let Go and I’ve Never Been Happier

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I am doing so much better than I was six weeks ago, in every way possible. Grateful. 🙂

Not much news besides that I finished the online poetry class and the online art class early, and I’m half done with the midterm paper for Buddhism and Modern Psychology. Hmmm, imagine that. ;p Everything else is chugging along nicely.

I signed up for more classes through Coursera that start (mostly) after my current ones are finished:

Intellectual Humility: Theory

Designing Your Own Personal Weight Loss Plan

Intro to Philosophy

Psychological First Aid

Tibetian Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World: Lesser Vehicle


8 thoughts on “Week 5 Sobriety: I Let Go and I’ve Never Been Happier

  1. congratulations and good luck! a number of years back i stumble through trying times and read somewhere, i have forgotten where, to submerse yourself completely in your troubles for ten minutes. roll in it as if rolling in mud, let it consume you in order to purge from your system. it worked for me then and i still stumble into trying times where it comes in handy.

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  2. Congratulations on making it this far. And the courses, that’s wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh and I love the little quote in the pic, so on point.
    Love and sober hugs,
    From New Zealand 💙🦋🌏🌴🇳🇿

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